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Brian Helton - Owner/Brewmaster 

Brian is a Certified Cicerone and Brewmaster who has worked in the industry for more then twenty-five years. He has brewed thousands of batches of beer, including multiple styles during his career.  


His passion for the community is addicting and inspiring,"Thank you for supporting local," you will hear him say in any interaction. This goes far beyond just the local beer scene, and runs over into other mediums as well. Charity, teaching, and helping not only our neighbors in the brewing industry, but our regular everyday neighbors is always on his mind. This passion has inspired a new facet to the Helton portfolio, the recently launched Helton University, hosting classes for DIY around the home repairs to welding, silversmithing, leather working, painting, yoga, etc. 


While Brian Helton is a man of great wisdom and many talents, he is focused on remaining humble and down to earth, which is easy to see in his interactions with guests and his staff.


In Brian's free time he enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, and archery.

Aside from his talents in the brewing world and business, he also works toward sharpening his skills in many new and forgotten arts like, bushcraft, leather working, woodworking and welding to name a few.


There is a very soothing mystique that surrounds Brian Helton and his calm, cool demeanor that is always a breath of fresh air in any interaction.  

Kilie "Danger" Garrett- General Manager/Sales Representative 


Arizona native since 2016. 

My favorite styles of beer are: Pale Ale, Kolsch, Amber and IPA. 


Before Helton: I worked interior design for corporate retail and owned a restaurant in Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. From there, I started helping a friend home brew and found the process so interesting! Like one big chemistry set for big kids! After moving to AZ, I was part of the opening staff at another local brewery and was in beer sales and management with them.


Favorite things about Helton: The family culture! And it never feels like "work". It's always a good time with great people and GREAT beer!


When I'm not working, I try to spend as much time in nature as I can. My husband, our 3 dogs and I  love camping in the woods and swimming in the many lakes of Arizona! Connecting with nature is key for us and it's where we find our joy. 


Evan "The Beer" Greer - Brewer

arizona native since 2010


Beer Style: West Coast IPA, Pilsner, and Irish Stout


Before Helton: Attended Regis University applied craft beer program, interned at Locavore Beer works (littleton CO,) has BJCP certification

"What I like about working for Helton, is the challenge of brewing some of the best beers in Arizona."


"Outside of Helton: amature zoo keeper to 3 dogs and 2 cats. Hiking, and trying to stay cool, While planning a wedding to my fiance."

Kellan "VooDoo" Garrett- Brewer

Arizona Native since 2016

Favorite beer styles: Helles, pilsner, Kolsch, pale ales

Before working for Helton: Installation manager, foreman, robot programmer.

"My favorite thing about working for Helton, our family style culture."

"When I'm not at the brewery, I'm getting outside to go camping with my wife and 3 dogs, brewing at home, or just being a nerd. My mentality in everything is never take yourself too seriously, there is always something to learn, and do good unto others."

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