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Helton is an industrial neighborhood brewery and taproom hidden in plain sight in Phoenix, AZ. Grit, determination, humility and our local community have shaped our brewery and culture. Through alchemy, passion, wizardry and respect for the art and science of the craft, perhaps coupled with a little dumb luck, we are blessed to be able to offer our finest brews yet.


We provide an opportunity to choose a brewing experience that is real. Developed to contribute to the art. Our legacy is to pass down our love for the craft to future brewers. Our products are created from the culmination of a life's work. We have dedicated our lives to perfecting our beer.


In a climate that bows to trends, novelty, and short attention spans, we have chosen to focus on the art that will stand the test of time.

We love the Hell out of what we do and pledge to never give up the grind!


Open 5 Day's A Week

Wednesday 2pm-10pm

Thursday 2pm-10pm

Friday 2pm-10pm

Saturday 11am-10pm

Sunday 11am-10pm

For Brewery tours contact us:


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